dissabte, 7 d’abril de 2007

Amb pinces, però interessant

Tot i que és una informació que cal agafar amb pinces, ja se sap que hi ha molta intoxicació, ahir vaig llegir aquesta notícia:

"Spain fears attacks in the Maghreb against its interests"

The Spanish ministry of Foreign Affairs recently sent a note to its embassies in the Maghreb inviting them to:

Take “all necessary precautions”
- To raise the level of alert in the consulates, and companies w/ Spanish stakes

Consulates have already taken preventive measures such as:

- Sophisticated monitors

- Ban of cell phones for visitors

Why these measures?

A relatively new terrorist structure, named the “
Organization for Liberation of Andalusia” (OLA) is said to be ready to strike against Spanish interests in the Maghreb

1 year ago, the OLA issued a statement on the web in Algeria, inviting Al Qaeda elements:

- To go to Iraq
- To carry out the “jihad” in Andalusia against the “apostate State” “to liberate Sebta and Melilla” [two Spanish enclaves near Morocco]

This call is intended “to declare a long war with Spain by creating a powerful front” and not “to carry out a few operations”


Nota: Segons sembla la notícia fa referència a un article publicat al diari Al Bayan, amb data del 25 de març passat

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