divendres, 23 de març de 2012

Electoral promises broken, PP


The incumbent Spanish Popular Party (PP), has broken its electoral priority to face economic crisis. Instead, (Pro-Spanish) identity policies are now its top priority.

Chasing local councils who do not exhibit the Spanish flag, or who join the Pro-Independence Municipalities Association (Llanos de Luna), education homogenization (Wert), Catalan banned at the Spanish Senate (Pio Escudero), Imposition of Spanish and denial of Catalan at Courts (Gallardón), are examples of current PP government's top priorities initiatives, instead of fighting economic crisis, the number one priority promised in the last electoral campaign.

As a consequence, everything that goes beyond the strict folklorization of Catalan identity becomes the target of increasingly fiery attacks from PP-driven government and other bodies.

And what about the crisis? Well, the crisis is a good excuse to get rid of all that is seen as not Spanish enough.

Author: RCat Web Team
Translation: JS

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