dimarts, 6 d’abril del 2004

(Of course, we have to bear in mind that Barcelona IS NOT a Spanish city, but Catalonia's National Capital. Once said that, I suggest to read the following press release from www.antibullfight.org, published today (April, 6th, 2004)

Barcelona set to take historic vote against bullfighting

Barcelona is set to take a historic vote against bullfighting in what could be the beginning of the end of bullfighting in Spain. This follows an announcement made today by the city's Deputy Mayor, Jordi Portabella, who supports the increasing calls for Barcelona to declare itself an anti-bullfight city. Mr Portabella will be putting forward a proposal to this effect, which is due to be voted upon by the City Council on 6th April this year.

In front of a crowd of several hundred people, who gathered outside the City Hall in support of a campaign, run by the World Society for the Protection of Animals? (WSPA) and Asociación Defensa Derechos Animal (ADDA), calling on Barcelona to declare itself an anti-bullfight city, Mr Portabella said, "The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona, must act like a capital and be a pioneer in the abolition of bullfighting."

A delegation from WSPA and ADDA presented him with a quarter of a million signatures from around the world in support of their 'Culture Without Cruelty' campaign to end bullfighting throughout Catalonia. Animal welfare organisations from across Europe were among those attending in support of the event.

Leah Garcés, WSPA's Head of Campaigns, said, "Today was a remarkable success. Barcelona is sure to be the first major city in Spain to declare itself an anti-bullfight city. We are delighted that Barcelona is listening to the views of its citizens and is prepared to vote on the future of bullfighting, an outdated practice that has nothing to do with culture and everything to do with cruelty."

A 2003 survey found that 63% of Barcelona's residents do not want bullfights to continue in their city, with more than half (55%) agreeing that Barcelona should declare itself an anti-bullfight city. Bullfights are viewed as cruel and non-educational by 76%; 59% of residents have never been to a bullfight and just 7% see bullfights as being positive for Barcelona's reputation. The overwhelming majority of those surveyed agree that animals suffer when mistreated (98%) and that the suffering of animals for entertainment should be banned (96%).

Carmen Mendez, ADDA President, said, "The people of Barcelona are against the cruelty of bullfighting. Their views should be acted upon and Barcelona declared an anti-bullfight city once and for all. There is no justification for the continuation of bullfighting in a place that wishes to be seen as a modern cultural city