dilluns, 3 de juliol del 2006


This is the first post from a new brand serie i intend to publish in this blog. I have no idea if it will last. In principle, contributions to this serie will be monthly, but that is not an iron law. If necessary that will change, depending exclusively on my will.

The purpose of this serie is to address to those english readers unable to read in Catalan, that is the blog’s language. I won’t lose a second to introduce my national language. I think there are enough sources of information on it in English right now, so i recommend those interested to access them and get informed.

The serie content will consist in writing thoughts i have in order to inform my potential readers on issues related to Catalonia, not only from a political perspective, but also from many others perspectives.

Catalonia: Yeah, this is the nation that has as capital Barcelona, and also has FC Barcelona soccer team, Gaudí, Miró, Picasso i Dalí and much more attractions. I think that Catalan blogosphere, important as it is in relative terms, of course, lacks something really crucial: to link with the anglo blogsphere, that is the bigger in all terms. Most of Catalan written blogs (and also webpages) have no English version, as a consequence, surfers from the rest of the world have no clues on Catalonia and Catalan people. Even worst: they access to information about those issues provided by our enemies and adversaries. So there is a risk, i have detected of Catalan bashing. I think that most of this sapper task is carried out by people close or related to the spanish diplomatic network: cultural attachés, journalists, intelligence officers and so on. I have a few experience of how spanish consular officers try to silence any Catalan expression in a very important city of North-America, and i have enough. Since Catalan autonomous government has not a well established network of international representatives, powerful enough to counter those spaniard-driven attacks, most of them remain unanswered, and there is a risk that people interested in Catalan affairs got a biased information.

A secondary purpose in starting this serie is to write more often in English in order to upgrade my proficiency. If you, reader, cooperate in order to show my faults so as I can correct them, I will be very thankful.

Now something about me. I’m 42, a political scientist teacher, male, white (i provide these data for sociological purpose only, and with no political intention whatsoever), and yes, of course, i’m a for the Independence of Catalonia (in this case, i provide this information with all the political intention). As a Catalan, I'm not consider myself as Spanish or Spaniard, so please do not treat me as such. It will be very offensive for me. So respect my choice and everything will be OK.

Once introduced the blog purpose and shared some of my particulars, may be it’s time to read my first contribution.