dilluns, 1 de desembre del 2003

Publicat a Barcelona Chronicle (Vilaweb.com)

Group against tax plundering of Catalonia introduced today 

Group for Unbalanced Tax Correction - Catalonia-Spain Tax Deficit is introduced today,
November 26, in Barcelona.

The basics of the Group's assumptions are explained on desequilibri.org. According to the Group, the exaggerated tax deficit, estimated at € 6,900.00 for a four-member Catalan family in 2001, impoverishes Catalonia, restrains its growth, and is mainly harmful for the most deprived layers of Catalan society. Worst still, it has not benefited, as Spaniards claim, the poorest Spanish regions, but Madrid, that has been spectacularly developed. The web provides, as well, all figures and estimates on which the Group's arguments are founded, together with graphs, and several studies.
The end of the Group is to make Catalan people aware of such facts, to inform Spanish society that asking for a fairer tax management is no lack in solidarity, and to request from politicians more equitable financial charges. Led by Xavier Roig, the author of 'Ni som ni serem' ('Catalans don't nor shan't really exist'), and 'Entre l'Espanya i la paret' ('Between the Spanish Devil and the Deep Blue Sea'), the Group is endorsed by personalities such as Joan Laporta, (Barcerlona Football Club chairman), Josep M. Álvarez (leader of Catalan UGT Union), Joan Coscubiela (leader of Catalan CCOO Union), Joel Joan (actor), Miquel Calçada (journalist), Jordi Porta (Òmnium Cultural chairman), and Jordi Villacampa (Badalona Basketball Club chairman).