dilluns, 12 de gener del 2004

Softcatala (www.softcatala.com) informs about a campaign (http://homepage.mac.com/devaleitzer/iblog/B1426745867) started by some weblogs requesting Apple to publish a Catalan version of MacOS X. According weblog Tot Mac (http://totmac.blogspot.com), Apple is prepared to make a version of its operating system, provided at least 1,000 copies of it are sold. Two years ago the possibility to translate Apple's last Operating System was debated at Macuarium (www.macuarium.com), and this reached the Catalan Parliament thanks to Francesc Ferrer, MP. In mid nineties, Apple published some Catalan versions of its Operating System, thanks to some workers in Barcelona Apple Office, the last being MacOs 8.1. On the other hand, Barcelona Apple Office closed on december 2002.