dilluns, 9 de febrer del 2004

Dear Sirs,
I would like Catalan to be one of the language options in all the services of the IKEA web site (more than the scarce information given about the IKEA shops in Badalona and l'Hospitalet). Catalan is an official language in a territory of over 10 million inhabitants, and yet, while you have a web site for languages with fewer speakers -as is the case of Icelandic, Finnish, Danish, Slovak, Norwegian, Hebrew, Swedish in Finland, Italian in Switzerland, French in Switzerland, German in Switzerland, Dutch in Belgium and French in Canada-, IKEA treats Catalan as an exception, as if Catalan customers did not deserve the same treatment as all other IKEA customers. That is why I am now addressing you with the idea of soon being able to access all information in your web site in Catalan, as well as to have all your products with labels in Catalan, just as is the case of all the other minority languages mentioned above.