diumenge, 14 de gener del 2007


In year 2006, the process of Catalonia economic sacking and impoverishment by the Spanish state continued. More precisely, this colonial-like process reached the astonishing figure of more than 14 billions (thousands of millions) euros, equivalent to US$18 billions. This huge amount of money is the difference between the money catalan tax-payers (of whatever linguistic or ethnic origin, important to bear in mind) contribute to the general spanish finances, and the money that Spanish Government spends in Catalonia via public investments and so on. This 14 billions represents more or less 9% of Catalonia’s GDP (of Catalonia Autonomous Community, strictly speaking)!

A comparison to other european cases, shows that Catalan case is well ahead the worst scenario. Have lander in Germany contribute with no more than 4% of their GDP, and they are pushing to even diminish this figure.

As a consequence, Catalan citizens welfare and Catalan economy competitiveness are diminishing. Key infrastructures such as communications, transport, telecommunications, and so on, lack.

Recent surveys state that there is a general awareness that in case to accessing to an Independent status, Catalan citizens will improve their way of life. We will have more resources to face new challenges (globalization, immigration) or to fight dangers such as criminal economy networks.

Catalan economy is not a tiny one. It matches other european states’ economies such as Austrian’s, Finland’s, Denmark’s, Portugal’s. And of course is more powerful than most of european eastern states.

In order to reach independence, we must break almost three centuries of military and, psychological subordination (and fear), adressed to consider foolish and nonsense the regaining of our Liberty.

Independence is not a hobby, is a must. We can't wait any longer!

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