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Spanish UNIFIL members policing the Israeli-Hizballah ceasefire in S. Lebanon were confronted by angry villagers Thursday

January 18, 2007, 4:51 PM (GMT+02:00)

The incident at Zaoutar, north of the Litani River, did not deteriorate into a clash and no one was hurt, but indicates, according to DEBKAfile, the increasing pugnacity of Hizballah. Dozens of villagers confronted the Spanish unit of two Humvee vehicles which was inspecting the roads and taking pictures of the terrain and tried to snatch their cameras. The Spanish troops took up combat positions. The UNIFIL spokesman Liam McDowall said the Spanish troops were there to inspect routes that could be used by their vehicles. He said the situation was aggravated by a “breakdown of communications” because of the language barrier.


Comentari: Els ecspanyols encara iniciaran la 3a Guerra Mundial. Si en són d'inútils!
("-Mi zargento, e' que no hablan epanyó, esos jodidos"
- Y la cabra, dónde 'ta la cabra, que hoy me la tiro yo")


Anonymous Anònim said...

It looks funny, but it's really scaring, are there similar news about Spanish troops deployed in Afghanistan and other places?

20 de gener del 2007, a les 19:42:00 CET  
Blogger JOSEP said...

A few hundred of them, unfortunately. Terrible dangerous, yeah.

21 de gener del 2007, a les 0:01:00 CET  

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