dissabte, 19 de març de 2011


Since september 2009, more than 500.000 catalans have cast a vote for independence in local, non binding, and civil society lead referenda.

This is the more astonishing outcome of citizen engagement in decades. These referenda have been carried out usually against all odds.

Spanish officials, courts, media and Catalonia puppet politicians have thrown all kind of attacks in order to derail them.

Even though Spanish Fascists elements (sorry for the reiteration) were mobilized to spread terror among peaceful catalan cities and towns.

All in vain.

On April 10th, Barcelona, Catalonia’s proud National City Capital, will vote for Independence. We invite you to join Catalan Patriots for the occassion.

Collaborate to the cause spreading all around the World, among your friends and colleagues, that Catalonia will be soon a Free and Independent State, a proud and trustworthy European Union and United Nations member.

Visitor, enjoy Catalonia.

Welcome to a country, which goes towards its own freedom!

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