divendres, 9 de març de 2012


March, 8, 2012

The legendary former French footballer Eric Cantona has praised the work of formation of the Catalan farmhouse, which has been its fruits in the current Barça and the successes of the Spanish team, although for that same reason, “the Catalan selection also had won the world” to participate. At a Conference in the framework of the ‘Global Sports Forum’ held in the Catalan capital and which brings together prominent voices of world sport, the current sports director of the New York Cosmos has considered that its intention in the US team is to achieve “a little that is done in the Barça”, of which highlighted their figure, Lionel Messi, a footballer “absolutely exceptional”.

Thus, he referred to “that spirit that Johan Cruyff introduced 25 years ago, in which the kids start playing together since the age of thirteen and establishing a love for the game, for a way to play, why we play football”, pointed out the French. “All this requires work, but if one day the selection of United States can play an end of the world will mean that we will have achieved.” “Is a little what the Barça team has achieved,” said, not without before adding: “I believe that the Catalan team had won the world”. Archetype of rebel and genuine, the former Manchester United player has surrendered to the quality of the Argentine striker Lionel Messi, a boy that, in his view, still holds that “spark in the eyes” of street football childhood. “I don’t know if I have a vision different from others.” I have always tried to defend football I liked as a kid. “Wanted to make good plays, win honestly with fair play, crying after a defeat and exploit of joy in victory”, explained Cantona.

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