divendres, 15 d’octubre del 2004


The past 12th October, during the celebration of the Spanish National Day, the Spanish state held a military parade in its capital Madrid. In this military parade also took part an old member of the “Division Azul” (Blue Division).

The “Division Azul” was an army of Spanish volunteers formed with the help of the fascist dictatorship of Franco, and this “Division Azul” went to fight next to the German Nazis during the Second World War from 1941 to 1945. They also made an oath of loyalty to Hitler.

The “Division Azul” was also known as the 250 Wehrmacht Infantry Division and was part of the nacionalsocialist forces put on trial by the International Tribunal of Nuremberg, and found guilty of committing crimes against peace and mankind.

The present Spanish government allowed to a soldier of the “Division Azul” to parade during the Spanish National Day…this is nothing else than the continuation of the same fascist government formed by the dictator General Franco (1939-1975), whom not only collaborated with the Nazis, but also persecuted the Catalan nation, its language and its culture killing thousands of Catalan people throughout the process.

Today 15th October takes place the commemoration of the murder of the Catalan President Lluís Companys, executed in October 1940 by the Spanish occupation forces after being handed over by the Nazis.

The present Spanish government has refused to apologize to the Catalan people and the family of the Catalan president executed by them, but the Spanish government makes homage to a soldier of the Nazis.

This gives away the real nature of the present Spanish state..

EXCERPT FROM freecatalonia.com