dijous, 7 de desembre del 2006

Post Three: It's impeachment time! Let’s impeach Bush and Cheney!

Midterm elections have changed american politics in a dramatic way. After twelwe years of GOP hegemony at Congress, Democrats will rule the legislative branch. The first victims are neo-cons warriors: Rumsfeld, Bolton, are out. It’s time to hunt the big ones: president Bush and vicepresident Cheney. Now is possible, now is urgent.

The movement asking for impeaching the pair is growing. Activists are organising town halls and assemblies to spread the initiative. Bloggers, Trade unionist, artists, singers, fallen soldiers relatives, are pushing for this. Even the movement has been named the Blue Revolution, following the Ukrainan Orange Revolution.

If American people force politicians to impeach both president and vicepresident, I think they will send a clear message to the rest of the World: not all Americans are a kind of Mr. Bush replicants. People over here do not accept the “cowboy” style of implementing international relations and diplomacy.

This will put the rampant antiamericanism all around the world in a delicate position. Because it will prove that americans themselves are opposed to the kind of new imperialism developed from the White House since 2001. As a consequence, USA public image will grow in acceptance.

Here you will find some ways to ask for Bush and Cheney impeachment (from www.afterdowningstreet.org)

1. Plan a town hall event or rally for impeachment on December 10, 2006
2. Collect signatures on petitions, especially in front of your Congress Member's offices.
3. Go door to door in your neighborhood with petition, or collect signatures at malls, libraries, post offices, etc. (December 16-17, 2006)
4. Join a Congressional District Impeachment Committee to lobby your Representative:
5. Pass resolutions in your town or city, state, political party, or labor union:
6. Come march, rally, and lobby in DC (January, 27-29, 2007):
7. Be a media activist:
8. Freeway blog:
9. Sell or give away signs:
10. Invite the Bush Chain Gang to appear in your town (picture above)