dimecres, 27 d’abril del 2005


Comentari: BO, MOLT BO.


Feels like a rush job

Oh dear.

On the first impression, Madrid 2012 has a strong case for its pitch. Over 27,000 volunteers have signed up online to work on the bid. It's a great city - and relatively small. Its excellent transport system would provide the smallest concentrated area for the games. Just 10km, over say 32km for New York City.

But, judging by this site, the Spanish bid is a bit of a mess. Right from the start, the technology breaks down. The site is not fully compatible with any of the browsers on this judge's Mac. The navigation doesn't work properly. The FAQ links are broken.

Simultaneously, reams of dull information on the individual stadia and facilities clog the visitor experience. The corporate sponsor section is just a list of logos. The design is drab and monotonous.

All in all, the impression is of something slapped together on the evening before the IOC deadline. Half-hearted and not very inspiring. Thumbs down.